Lightcraft International provides design and engineering support services to help designers on schematic and technical drawings, light level calculations, control system design, new product development and general project development. Our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality of services. Meeting your requirements, from schedule to budget, Lightcraft International delivers design and engineering support services from off-site to on-site.

Our design and engineering support services include but not limited to:

  • Lighting Level Calculation and Report

  • Technical Support and General Calculations

  • Lighting Product and Light Structure Design Development

  • Technical Documentation and Catalogue

  • Dimming and Control System Design

  • 2D Drawings Support

  • 3D Modeling Support


We provide project management service to ensure project objectives achieved with high quality and the entire programmes are on schedule during the process. The team ensures effective communications between client requirements, the design and engineering teams and the factories and suppliers. They attend the coordination and design meetings, monitor fabrication and site progress to make sure each project is on track.

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For lighting designers, we can provide samples by request, which allow designers and end-users to inspect the products for quality and performance before specification or purchase.

For interior designers, we offer a comprehensive range of finishes and materials for your project such as glass, plastic, resin, powder coat and electroplated aluminium & stainless steel, fabric, wood, stone, brass, etc. Once materials and design are finalized, visual mock-up units can be constructed for fine-tuning.



Lightcraft International will provide complete installation guide prior to the installation to ensure that your lighting system is installed correctly according to the specifications and manufacturer product manual. Depending on project location and type, with our team of engineers and experienced sub-contractors, Lightcraft International can also directly manage and supervise all installation processes if required.



Programming is a time-consuming but important procedure, Lightcraft International offer a huge range of programming services to our client from the basic dimming control via phase, 0-10V or DALI to the facade light show control system via DMX, controller or cloud-based programme.


In the Test & Commissioning stage, Lightcraft International will ensure the lightings and control system are performing as designed. Comprehensive testing procedures will be undertaken on major system components, including cabling, drivers, controllers, LED modules, etc. During this testing period, if there are any manufacturing defects identified, Lightcraft International will replace the defected product before finishing this test & commissioning period if necessary.



Products ordered from Lightcraft International will have at least one year of warranty. With your special request, we can also provide maintenance service to ensure your lightings and control system are kept in good working order.